Home Entertainment Andrea Pinna at Vanity Fair Stories: “The filter of uniqueness”

Andrea Pinna at Vanity Fair Stories: “The filter of uniqueness”

Andrea Pinna at Vanity Fair Stories: “The filter of uniqueness”

He became famous on the web with the format The pearls of Pinna, irreverent and sarcastic phrases. He participated in perhaps the most followed edition of Beijing Express, that of 2015. Andrea Pinna – do not call him influencer -, among the protagonists of the fourth edition of the festival of Vanity Fair, reflects on the concept of uniqueness, on the beauty of always being oneself, without labels or definitions, just as expressed by the claim of Damage «Drive your different».

This is one of the talks from Vanity Fair Stories 2021, the Vanity Fair festival open to all scheduled readers and users from 26 to 28 November. “Together. A new wave of creators “is the title of this powerful fourth edition, which acts as a bridge between the many personalities of the contemporary world. Vanity Fair Stories 2021 goes on stage in a hybrid form, with digital and live encounters. In addition to live online, Sunday 28 you can also attend, with a Green Pass, the in-person talks, which will be held in The Space Cinema Odeon in via Santa Radegonda 8 in Milan, by registering here to have access priority.

Among the many guests of the festival: Kabir Bedi, unforgettable Sandokan; Chiara Bersani, a performer who made his fragile body a banner of strength; Orietta Berti, pop icon of Italian song; Stefano De Martino, dancer and TV star; Nicola Lagioia, writer and director of the Book Fair, the latest novel The city of the living won the Lattes Grinzane Award and is a successful podcast; Filippo Scotti, protagonist of the film by Paolo Sorrentino It was the hand of God, representing Italy at the Oscars; Nadeesha Uyangoda, author of the successful pamphlet The only black person in the room; Ornella Vanoni, one of the greatest interpreters of Italian music; Zerocalcare, cartoonist and creator of the Netflix animated series Tear off along the edges.

Main partner dell’evento:

DAMAGE, for the fourth consecutive year it is main partner by Vanity Fair Stories. For the occasion, it presents the fourth generation of ŠKODA FABIA with an attractive design, great interior quality and cutting-edge technology. A decisive, elegant and connected car. ŠKODA will bring Andrea Pinna to the virtual stage who will tell his story in an unfiltered interview and on the day hosted at the Odeon Cinema, he will allow guests to attend a talk and performance by singer Roshelle. To bind FABIA and the artists will be “Drive your different” car launch claim and mantra of those who, like Roshelle and Andrea Pinna, are not satisfied with a single definition. Even with totally different lifestyles, they both choose a car that makes them feel empowered, that gives them the power to be unique, free. In short, to be yourself.




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