Andreas Loverdos: ‘On December 5, PASOK is ahead – I am talking about more than doubling the percentages’

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The Movement for Change may more than double its percentages, stressed Andreas Loverdos, speaking on SKAI TV. Referring to the name PASOK, as he has promised, Mr. Loverdos specifically said: “On December 5, PASOK is ahead. I am talking about more than doubling the percentages. It is possible!”

As a main argument he mentioned that in the poll of METRON ANALYSIS 45% of Greeks state that they would vote for PASOK again, 49% ND, and only 38% SYRIZA.

“We are in the game. They ask me why you say over-doubling. I answer: why it happens. Why are there groups of citizens who, for example, did not vote for us again in 2010 and went to protest parties or did not go to the polls again and are now thinking of returning?” leadership in the Movement for Change.

He stressed the importance of increased participation, saying that “it crushes the mechanisms. All parties suffer from the mechanisms. Citizens should participate actively and anyone who wants to do so, either as a member of the party or as a friend with his identity.”

Regarding the possibility of a debate, Mr. Loverdos pointed out that “there is an agreement between the five that says that we want to have a dialogue and the hesitation of a candidate towards the dialogue. Conditions always come, in fact I suggest that we stand up. “In the world, discussions have rules. But all over the world, discussions take place.”

Also, Andreas Loverdos, when asked if there would be “shops” within the party the day after the elections, reiterated that he “has a biography of unity” and how he has supported all the presidents. He asks for the trust of the citizens and will return it to them.



Source From: Capital

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