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Andrew Tate is going to invest more than $100 million in Bitcoin

Blogger and entrepreneur Andrew Tate intends to completely abandon fiat and invest more than $100 million in Bitcoin. He told his followers that he was tired of banks and fraud.

“I know I shouldn’t do this in difficult times, but I’m going to completely exit fiat and invest over $100 million in Bitcoin,” the blogger said.

He stressed that he was “done” with banks, their money and scammers. Tate also promised that he would later provide evidence of his actions.

When asked why he didn’t do this earlier, the blogger answered following:

“I have more crypto assets than fiat. Now I want to give it up completely.”

Its publication commented Blockware Solutions representative Joe Burnett. He is a maximalist, as evidenced by his statements on X (formerly Twitter).

“This is not stupidity, but common sense. Why hoard wealth that can only be accessed with the permission of a select elite?”

Notably, in May 2023, Andrew Tate publicly criticized cryptocurrency. He stated that he has nothing to do with the sphere, does not want to “rob” fans and deceive them by issuing his own token.

Later, in February 2024, the blogger seemed to change his mind. He statedwhich plans to issue its own token with an initial capitalization of $100 million.

The blogger promised that he would “never sell” the currency in order to strengthen its position. Following criticism, Tate deleted the post, inviting all interested members of his community to email him.

It should be noted that entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki has also repeatedly called for a complete abandonment of fiat. According to him, this is “fake” money, and one should invest in precious metals and Bitcoin.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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