Android will start showing ads on the lock screen in the US

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The lock screen in Android is dynamic – it can show various information like widgets, news, and also launch games. Ads are no exception, of course, and Glance, a Google-sponsored subsidiary of Indian advertising giant InMobi, is taking advantage of this. Over the next two months, Glance will sign a contract with US operators to implement its platform in the Android smartphones they sell. This is reported by 9To5Google with reference to another authoritative publication – TechCrunch.

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Glance is not a newcomer, but an already experienced company, still operating only in Asia. Its advertising platform is pre-installed on 400 million smartphones, including Samsung and Realme gadgets. Now the organization, apparently, has decided to expand the US market.

In Asian countries, Glance works directly with device manufacturers, but in the US, the company is negotiating with mobile operators, since they account for most of the sales. It is reported that they want to build an advertising platform into “some” smartphone models – perhaps we are talking about budget gadgets (but this is just guesswork).

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In fact, Android lock screen ads are no longer a phenomenon. Amazon, for example, has been displaying banner ads on subsidized smartphones for years and hasn’t been shy about using banner ads on tablets to drive down costs.

Source: Trash Box

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