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AndroMoney 3a.13.10

AndroMoney is a great and simple financial app that will help you track your expenses and teach you how to manage money properly.

Every day different amounts fly away from our cards. It could be grocery shopping, paying off a loan, borrowing money, or a new handbag. So that at the end of the month you don’t have to worry about where your entire salary has gone, start tracking your spending with AndroMoney. The application is an accounting software that will tell you in detail about your expenses over a certain period of time. All expenses are conveniently sorted into categories: food, clothing and cosmetics, entertainment, household appliances, investments and many others.

The reports will display information about how much money and what you spent, whether it was cash, a credit card or a deposit, how often these payments are, who the recipient is, and so on. At any time, you can view the general statistics of expenses, which will be displayed in the form of a chart.

AndroMoney app features:

  • Cost analysis;
  • Detailed reports;
  • Pie and bar charts;
  • Accounting for income and expenses.

Source: Trash Box

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