Aneel approves regulation for hybrid and associated power plants

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A National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) approved this Tuesday (30) regulations for the operation of hybrid plants and associates, in an important step so that enterprises can take advantage of the temporal complementarity between the different sources of electricity generation.

The regulation, the autarchy said in a statement, provides the definitions and rules for granting these projects and for contracting the use of transmission systems.

It also defines the way in which these plants are charged and how legal discounts are applied to the tariffs for the use of the transmission system.

It allows for combinations of generation sources, whether from photovoltaic, wind, large and small hydro and thermoelectric plants, said Aneel.

Among the advantages listed by Aneel are the complementarity of generation sources (one generates when the other is less available), the use of the transmission network in a more efficient and stable manner, the mitigation of commercial risks and the savings in the purchase of land and at other costs.

“Regulation is an alternative for the efficient use of available resources. The insertion of these projects in the electrical system can reduce costs and postpone new investments in expansion, especially in the connection points with the Basic Network”, said the director-rapporteur Elisa Bastos in the statement.

Aneel pointed out that, prior to the deliberation of the regulation referring to hybrid plants, the pilot project was undertaken for the associated grant of the wind complex Ventos de São Vicente 8 to 14 together with the solar photovoltaic plant Sol do Piauí (68 MW), built by the company Votorantim . The start of this operation is scheduled for January 2023.

Some projects were also carried out within the scope of the Research and Development (R&D) program, whose resources are managed by Aneel.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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