Angela Merkel: Her political account in DW

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In an exclusive interview with DW, shortly before leaving active politics, Angela Merkel talks about climate change, her phrase “We will make it”, Soltz and Macron.

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In a relaxed mood and showing that she has found herself: This is how Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared in the exclusive interview she gave to DW News News Director Max Hoffan to the Chancellor, shortly before she left active politics. She did not have to think much to answer personally what were the two most difficult challenges she was called upon to face during her tenure: the refugee crisis, in particular the flight of people from Syria and neighboring countries, and the coronavirus crisis. In both cases, as Chancellor Merkel points out, lives and “human destinies” were directly affected.

“Yes, we did it”

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Asked if she believes Germany managed to manage the arrival of 80,000 refugees in the country in 2015, when she even said the famous phrase “We will do it”, Angela Merkel answers: “Yes, we did it!”. He added that not everything was “ideal”, but the contribution of mayors and volunteers in managing the situation was important.

“We have wonderful examples of people progressing when I think of high school graduates,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel, referring to immigrant children attending German schools. ” “Europe has not succeeded in obtaining a single asylum and immigration system.”

Climate change: “Act much faster”

Angela Merkel also considers the challenge of international organizations by many in the world a crisis. As he observes: “For me it has always been important, and I have always tried, to strengthen the role of international organizations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, etc.”

On the major issue of tackling climate change, Angela Merkel says: “We need to act much faster.” It is worth noting that before becoming Chancellor, Angela Merkel was Minister of the Environment when the UN Climate Summit was held in 2005. Today she says: “We have to follow scientific assessments carefully, which means we have to stay very long. close to 1.5 degrees Celsius “. Commenting on the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, which she attended, she said: “Glasgow has already achieved some results (…) but from a youth perspective things are still moving very slowly (…) And I tell young people: you have to put pressure. ” However, Angela Merkel notes realistically that majorities are needed to take action to tackle climate change, while at the same time there are fears about their social and economic consequences.

For Macron and the farewell of the French

However, Angela Merkel makes a special mention in her interview with DW and in her last visit to France as Chancellor of Germany and in her relationship with French President Emmanuel Macron, who honored her in Burgundy with the highest honor of the French Republic, the Greatest of the Legion of Honor.

“I know there are people who are not happy with my policy. But I’m very happy to see so many people come to see me and President Macron in France – where, historically, the feelings between us have not been. “I’m always so friendly. I have to say it was a beautiful experience,” said Angela Merkel.

The calm succession and support for Soltz

At the recent G20 Summit in Rome, Chancellor Merkel also sent a message to the world regarding her succession from incumbent Social Democrat Finance Minister Olaf Soltz, who is in talks with the Greens and the Liberals to form the next of the German Government. Regarding their joint presence at the G20, he said: “If you have the impression that there is good communication here between the current head of government and his possible successor, then this is a reassuring message to a rather troubled world. And I found it right.” .

Asked by Max Hoffmann about her plans after leaving the chancellery, Angela Merkel said: “I do not know yet what I will do next. I said yes, first I will rest and then we will see what comes to my mind.” However, as she says, she wants to read and sleep. But as he goes on to say: “I will definitely feel a little melancholy because I have always done my job happily and I still like to do it.” As for the next chancellor who will succeed her in the chancellery – which has been identified with Merkel for 16 years – she answers laughing: “You will get used to it”.

Interview: Max Hoffman / Editor: Jens Tourau

Edited by: Dimitra Kyranoudi

Source: Deutsche Welle


Source From: Capital

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