Angelina Jolie defends gay kissing

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Angelina Jolie always on the side of rights. Even if in this case we are not talking about rights but about denied normality. It happens in several Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwit, Qatar, where the film Eternals, released in Italy on November 3, it was banned because it brings one to the big screen homosexual couple with one child. It is about Phastos, portrayed by Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), became a father in the film along with her husband, aka actor Haaz Sleiman. The main scandal is given by a kiss that the couple exchange.

Specifically, the Marvel film, signed by the director Chloe Zhao, of which Jolie stars along with a stellar cast composed of Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Salma Hayek, it will certainly not arrive (at least for the moment) in the cinemas of these countries, where it should have been released on 11 November. Disney did not comply with the request of the respective countries of cut scenes that relate specifically to Phastos and his family. In Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Jordan, the film has instead suffered cuts in all the scenes of affection, both homosexual and heterosexual.

“I’m sad for that audience but proud of Marvel who refused to cut the film. I still can’t understand how we live in a world today where there are still people who don’t recognize Phastos as a family, and the beauty of that relationship and that love. The fact that someone gets angry, feels threatened, does not approve or appreciate it … is truly ignorant»Commented Angelina Jolie during the press conference for the presentation of the film in Australia, responding to the reporter from

Angelina Jolie and her daughters conquer the Roman red carpet of Eternals

In the Middle East, being homosexual is difficult, sometimes it can mean risking your own life. Amnesty International continually denounces this, which recently reiterated how repression against civil rights and freedom has intensified in Saudi Arabia. Like that of loving whoever you want: here homosexuality is punished with flogging and imprisonment, the death penalty is still foreseen. As in five other countries: Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria (12 northern states) and Yemen.

But the censorship for Eternals, which runs through the history of ten heroes who lived on earth for seven thousand years in an eternal struggle against the Deviants, the oldest enemies of humanity, was also requested for religious reasons in Kuwait and Qatar, where the representation of prophets and gods is considered blasphemous. A modality that has become practice (unfortunately) in this part of the world.

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