Angelina Jolie returns to Brad Pitt: “He led me to fear for my family”

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The abuses were such and many to bring Angelina Jolie to fear for his safety and that of his children. “I am bound by silence,” explained the actress, who in an interview with Guardian however, he allowed himself a long reflection on human rights. Something, she said, “It gave me an experience here in the United States where I thought that my children would be denied human rights, the rights of every child.” “Refers to Brad Pitt and the domestic abuse allegations? ”the British journalist asked her, knowing that the only possible answer could have been a nod of the head.

Angelina Jolie ha annuito. «I was afraid for my family. For my whole family, ”he added. “I’m not the kind of person who makes certain decisions lightly. Me it took a long time to come to the idea of ​​separating myself from the father of my children».

Angelina Jolie interrupted, with this last admission, the story of her own personal experience. However, al Guardian, he continued to speak, mixing – without apparent distinction – convictions, absolutisms and real life. “What I know,” he said, “is that when a child is hurt, physically or emotionally, or when he witnesses violence to a person he loves, that child suffers permanent damage.” This awareness was passed on to Jolie by her mother, Marcheline Bertrand. “She got married at twenty-one. At twenty-five, she was divorced, with two young children. He could not pursue his career as he would have liked, but he raised us with creativity and talent […] My mother did a lot to make me aware of my rights and have personal strength. However, I started working very young in order to help her with the bills, and I admit that I was not aware of how I should be treated, “said the actress,”The first time I was really denied my rights I was twenty-one. He was Harvey Weinstein. I don’t want to go into details, but I had to walk away. I’ve always stayed away from him, made sure to tell everyone not to leave a woman alone with Weinstein. I refused to work with that producer again, I refused The Aviator because I knew he was involved. It was tough when Brad decided to partner with Weinstein. ‘

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