Angelina Jolie turns 46 (still at war with Brad Pitt for custody of children)

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Angelina Jolie, born in California on June 4, 1975, turns 46 years old. Of these, the last six has them experienced as a single. But above all he lived them in war, for child custody, with Brad Pitt. This, for the diva, will be a bitter birthday. After six years of court battles, the ex-husband, surprisingly, got the joint custody of five of the six children: Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 14, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 12. The sixth, the nineteen year old Maddox, being of age he is not subject to the judge’s decision (he has already testified against Pitt in the past and does not even want his last name anymore).

Angelina – what claims that Brad is violent (for example once, drunk, it would have beaten Maddox during a trip on a private jet) – according to the American tabloids it would be “bitterly disappointed“. But he does not intend to give it to his ex-husband. The diva, furious even because Judge John Ouderkirk did not allow the boys to testify against their father, has already announced that will appeal. Brad won the first round, but the time of the battles (in court) is not over yet.

How they are not finished yet Jolie’s most difficult years. It was September 20, 2016 when the shocking news of the divorce between Angelina and Brad arrived. They have since passed “Not easy years”, as told by the diva herself. “After the separation I was crying in the shower, I didn’t want my kids to worry about me. I think it’s very important to cry in the shower and not in front of them. They must know that everything will be fine even when we are not sure ».

In September 2019 Brad Pitt He admitted that one of the first causes of the divorce was his dependence on alcohol, overcome in 2017 thanks to the help of Alcoholics Anonymous. Angelina, on the other hand, spoke on the reasons for the breakup only in June 2020: “I separated for the sake of my family, my children. It was the right decision. I continue to focus on their recovery, ”the diva said. Waiting to reach the most important goal: obtain exclusive custody of the children. Mission failed (at least for now). It is logical to assume that birthday number 46, for the diva who has put her six children at the center of her world, is the most bitter ever.

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