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Angelina Mango: “I’m afraid to go out alone at night”

The news reports of the last few weeks, which speak of continuous violence against women, are frightening. He knows something Angelina Mango22-year-old former contestant of Friends whose summer catchphrase We’ll think about it tomorrow became one of the most streamed hits ever on streaming platforms. And that a few hours ago she entrusted social media with a post with her fears. But what happened to her?

On X, in the account she uses for “controversies and streams of consciousness”, she published a short post on the evening of Monday 4 September recounting her fear of going out alone in the evening. «I’m walking to the pharmacy at 10.30pm, I wanted to put on leggings, but I’ve put on a baggy overall», writes the singer. And then she adds: “Is it possible that she must be so afraid and that she calls random people so as not to be alone on the way?».

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Moments of fear and anguish, hers, which are shared by many other women. In fact, in the comments on the post, many recognize themselves in the same situation. «It shouldn’t be possible but unfortunately we all live the same life», replies a user; “It shouldn’t be like this but you don’t know how much I understand you: right now every time I have to go out I have anxiety,” adds another. It’s still: “It shouldn’t be like this but you don’t know how much I understand you right now every time I have to go out I have anxiety», «The worst thing is that we live it every day and the fear has increased in recent days».

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Other women bear their testimony: «The other night I was walking back alone and one in front of me pulled his pants down looking at me…». «I swear to you Angelina», continues another girl, «that I’m so tired of always living in fear, even during the day. I can’t take it anymore, it’s not sustainable, it’s not possible you should constantly look around and doubt anyone who gets a little closer than usual». And then hundreds of other comments, almost all of women who say they share these fears every day. Especially lately.

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Born in 2010 in Maratea, Angelina Mango is a daughter of art: the father is in fact the singer Mango, while the mother is Laura Valente, former singer of Matia Bazar. She grew up in Lagonegro, in the Potenza area, in 2016 she moved with her family to Milan and in 2020 she released her first single. But her notoriety came in 2022 with her participation in ad Friends by Maria De Filippi, where she finished in second place. And since then Angelina Mango’s success has never stopped.

Source: Vanity Fair

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