Angry octopus “whipped” man who dived into the sea – Video of his beating


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While a painful “whipping” by a very angry octopus paid a man in Australia his swim on a beach in Geographic Bay.

The attack was recorded on video, which has gone viral, according to AMPE.

Geologist and writer Lance Carlson was about to dive into the sea near the resort where he was staying with his family when he spotted something resembling a skate tail protruding from the sea and hitting a seagull.

Approaching the spot with his two-year-old daughter he realized that it was one octopus and shot it in a video, which shows the octopus in shallow water suddenly attacking in the direction of Carlson with one of its tentacles.

“The octopus attacked us, which shocked us a lot,” Carlston told Reuters in an email, citing AMPE.

After setting up a beach umbrella on the beach for his family, Carlston put on his swimming goggles and dived into the sea alone to explore the seabed.

As he swam he felt another whip on his arm and then another, more severe, on his neck and back.

“My glasses blurred, suddenly the water became cloudy and I remember being in a state of shock and confusion,” he added in his email.

Carlston describes that he swam back to land and saw the imprint of the octopus tentacles on his shoulder, neck and back.

In the video he uploaded, he wrote the following comment: “The most angry octopus at Geographe Bay! ”

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