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Angry with the war in Gaza declared the perpetrator of the attack with a knife and a hammer in Paris

One dead and two wounded were its toll armed attack on Saturday night in the center of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower. He is an actor a 26-year-old French, Muslim extremist who was experiencing psychiatric disorders. He killed a German tourist with a knife and injured two bystanders with a hammer – a French man in his 60s and a tourist, whose nationality was not specified – before being stopped and arrested by police.

During the attack, he shouted “Allah is great”, as it became known from a police source and confirmed by the Minister of the Interior of France. Gerald Darmanen stated at a press conference that the arrested man told police he was angry because “so many Muslims are dying in Afghanistan and Palestine.”

Joseph S., a supermarket manager, was in a bar and witnessed the attack. He heard screams and bystanders desperately calling for help as they ran for safety. He described a man “with a hammer in his hand” attacking someone who had collapsed on the ground. Within “5-10 minutes” the police arrived, he said.

The perpetrator of the attack was known to the authorities, having been sentenced in 2016 to four years in prison for planning to launch an attackthe French interior minister revealed.

I send all my condolences to the family and loved ones of the German national who died this afternoon during the terrorist attack in Paris, and my thoughts go out to the people who were injured and are caring.

My sincerest thanks to the emergency forces who made possible the quick arrest of a suspect.

The national anti-terrorist prosecutor will shed light on the matter so that justice can be served in the name of the French people.” French President Emmanuel Macron posted on Twitter.

“We will not succumb to terrorism”the Prime Minister of France, Elisabeth Bourne, said. “I applaud the courage and professionalism of the law enforcement and emergency services that mobilized”she wrote in a post on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

“Paris mourns after this horrific attack”underlined France’s Transport Minister Clément Bonn, who expressed his support for the families of the victims.

The incident evoked memories of similar attacks in the French capital. In May 2018 a French-Russian man born in Chechnya killed a bystander with a kitchen knife and wounded four others before being shot dead by police. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack.

In February 2017 an Egyptian attacked soldiers near the Louvre Museum with a knife, shouting “Allah is great”. He was stopped and arrested, while in June 2021 he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Yesterday’s attack in a central part of the French capital came less than eight months before Paris hosts the Olympics and raised concerns about the security of the event. Paris authorities are planning a spectacular opening ceremony on the Seine River, which is expected to attract up to 600,000 spectators.

Source: News Beast

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