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Anitta speaks out after clip announcement: “Scared by intolerance”

Anita opened a quick live on his Instagram to vent to his followers, this Monday afternoon (13), after announcing the release of the clip “Accepted” which will honor the Candomblé — religion of which the singer is a supporter.

“There are already more than 200 thousand followers I lost since I announced my new video, which will come out now, this Wednesday (15). It’s a clip in which I show not only my religion, but I also show the religion of everyone involved in this production”, explained the artist.

According to her, the artist Gabriel do Borel which will also be in the project, is evangelical and had his faith represented in the video . “I'm still a little scared by the lack of evolution of human beings. Nowadays it is still such a huge step backwards in the sense of accepting, understanding and respecting people’s paths”.

“I'm still scared of how time passes and human beings are becoming more intolerant instead of being more accepting, respectful”, reflected Anitta.

The artist also stated that she will keep the dismissive comments in her publication, so that people can see that prejudice exists and needs to be combated.

Raised in Candomblé under the influence of her father, the singer also demonstrated affinity with other religions. “I go to everything, Shamanism… I have a playlist on my Spotify of just gospel music, Catholic music. I sang in church when I was little (…) I do family constellation, I do Kundalini, Yoga, I believe in Hinduism.”

“I am a fan of all religions. I think they all have their message, in the end, in my head, they are all one thing take you to the same path if you follow it for the right reasons”, he added.

“In my view, religion is there for us to take care of our spirituality and, for me, spirituality is not about being afraid of the day that judgment will come and so-and-so will go to heaven”, he continued.

During the 27 minutes of live, Anitta also stated that she is not angry with the people who are attacking her because of her religion. For the artist, she must just continue searching for her best version.

Source: CNN Brasil

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