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Anitta vents after releasing video: “Religious racism”

After the release of the clip “Accepted” on Tuesday (13), which brings reference to the Candomblé the name of Anita 31, gained prominence on social media – as the singer suffered from criticism, religious intolerance, in addition to losing followers.

This Wednesday (15), the singer made an outburst on Instagram. In the text, the artist says she received many calls from friends who said they were afraid of assuming their beliefs in the face of judgment in the virtual environment.

“Sharing misinformation, jokes and fictional Santeria stories is religious racism. Yoruba, orixá, their teachings and their people deserve respect like any other religion. Like everyone else present in my video“, he began.

Afterwards, Anitta regretted what happened. “How many friends called me privately when I posted my video to say this is their faith but they don't have the courage to teach their religion through what people make up,” she wrote.

Taking advantage of the moment, the Brazilian gave more details about the religion. “And I didn’t understand until now I see the level of prejudice that a lot of people have. Yoruba comes from African culture and its main characteristic is to exalt nature (and not 'perform rituals to tie a boyfriend'), do a lazy Google search and you'll find out well,” she said.

“In Brazil, in the last century, these people who were forcibly taken as slaves out of their country were killed and tortured for expressing their faith. (When you say… killing and torturing you can… pray to the orixás, no)”, he continued.

At the end, she also left a message reinforcing the importance of love, rather than hate.

“Nowadays less, but they still suffer attacks against their temples and insults on the street. I believe in God, Jesus, orixás and others. And in my life I practice his teachings much more than people who humiliate others on social media”, he concluded.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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