Ann Heck: Her family donated her organs

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Ann Heck, a week after her shocking car accident, died after her family decided to disconnect from mechanical support while the actress’ organs were donated.

Doctors turned off mechanical support after a suitable organ recipient was found, as Ann Heck was a donor.

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In the last 24 hours, actor stayed until it was decided whether there were any organs in her body suitable for donation, as she had previously expressed her wish to be organ donor.

Then, after compatible receivers were found, it was disconnected from technical support. “He was peacefully taken off life supportsaid a representative of the family.

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Αν ΧεκΑν ΧεκIf Heck

As it is known, several organs will be transplanted, however, there are no more details about which ones they will be.

Meanwhile, according to its Police Department Los Angeles (LAPD) said it has completed its investigation into the actress’ car accident, which claimed her life. “As of today, there will be no further investigations into this case. Any information that has been requested will continue to be collected for the formality of the process,” the statement said, among other things.

Source: News Beast

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