‘Annette’: the musical by Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard that you cannot miss

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The most recent premiere of director Leós Carax, Annettestarring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, it ranks as the film of the year by receiving nothing but critical acclaim.

This rock opera musical features the band Sparks. In addition, it inaugurated the prestigious Cannes Festival, which took place in July, and is the film that started the Morelia Film Festival, which this year will be held from October 27 to November 1.

A horror fable

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The plot plot follows Henry (Adam Driver), a comedian, and Ann (Marion Cotillard), an opera singer, who fall in love and form a charming couple. After the birth of their daughter, Annette, their lives change completely.

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Kiko Vega’s criticism for the blog Espinof He describes it as “a horror story”, as it touches on strong themes, such as the dark side of the entertainment world, the narcissism that arises from fame and the problems of fatherhood. In addition, the cast of characters includes many that we would not exactly classify as good people.

Spectacular photography

On the other hand, Caroline Champetier’s photography is simply amazing. Throughout the film we can see night transitions, a colorful and amazing shot that never stop moving and that add to the atmosphere that gloomy touch that fits perfectly with the narrative of the film. This combined with the dark vibe, complex characters, and superb soundtrack make Annette in a very special experience.

More than a movie, it seems that we are attending an opera, an experimental and nocturnal theater play, a street fable that moves with the same sense of time as you.

A gift for movie lovers

As if that were not enough, the critics it has received strongly praise the participation of the protagonists, especially that of Driver, so we can say that Annette It is quite a cinematographic experience that any moviegoer should have, especially now that the possibility of going to cinemas and other closed places is being regularized.

‘Annette’ is a gift that all lovers of cinema, music and culture in general have been waiting for.

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