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Anonymous promised $20 million for information about Celsius hackers

A certain unnamed “respected crypto group” through a crypto enthusiast under the alias @TheRealPlanC has expressed interest in proving an attack on the Celsius crypto lending platform.

Assessing likely attack scenarios, @TheRealPlanC tweeted speculation that Trading Limited and Alameda Research’s FTX could be behind the attack, which, according to an anonymous source, want to bring down Celsius.

“Any whistleblower who is willing to state and provide convincing evidence that an attack was planned on Celsius will never have to work again in his life. A respected crypto group is promising a reward of over $20 million,” @TheRealPlanC said in the announcement.

According to the anonymous source, the reason for the attack was the decision of the Celsius management to sell Terra’s assets ahead of schedule. While FTX and Alameda remained on the project and lost millions of dollars after the crash. FTX and Alameda launched a campaign to deliberately discredit Celsius, and this, according to the Twitter user, led to an exodus of users from the network to other platforms.

Opponents of the @TheRealPlanC version talk about the desire of unknown persons to jeopardize Celsius competitors, accusing them of malicious actions. The promise of a reward should influence public opinion in order to remove responsibility for the miscalculations made by the Celsius team, skeptics write in response to @TheRealPlanC.

On Tuesday, June 21, it was reported that Solend, the cryptocurrency lending platform on the Solana blockchain, introduced borrowing limits in an effort to avoid a liquidity crisis amid a collapse in SOL prices and high margin requirements on accounts.

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