Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating: the «imperfect muses». The photographic project

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Imperfect, all different, beautiful through imperfections. They are the protagonists of the photographic project «Not compliant» by Barbara Cannizzaro, who chose three muses from I’MPERFETTA Project, an initiative born on Instagram to build a community of women, all different, an inclusive fashion agency that wants to publicly convey a message of positive body and an invitation to acceptance and social inclusion.

More than 3 million people in Italy suffer from eating disorders and 96% are women.

Barbara Cannizzaro lived them on her skin, before telling them. His portraits represent women who, especially in the transition phase from adolescence to adulthood, face anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. “I have suffered from eating disorders in the past, now I’m a photographer », she says. «I learned to photograph myself, to transform, to lighten that trace of pain, to give back to my body the care, attention and importance that I have taken away from it for many years. And I love photographing women far from conformity for the same reason. Try to help them see their body, feel it, perceive it in a different way, deeper in its uniqueness ».

Photography has thus become a cure, capable of generating union between different bodies, strengthening, helping to get out of isolation. Valentina Albanese, muse for I’MPERFETTA Project, explains: «We are used to seeing eating disorders, from anorexia to bulimia, through raw photos, like slaps to the face. Where suffering, discomfort, fear, judgment is told. The portrayed body is alone, because loneliness accompanies these pathologies. But not this time. We are not alone. We are kind souls with bodies that bear the marks of hardship. We tell our stories individually but together we wrote a new one ».

To become part of I’MPERFETTA Project you can send an e-mail with the story of your story and some photos – as natural as possible – to the email Meanwhile, the social casting continues on Instagram to select the new imperfect muses: to apply, just post a photo or a short video with the tag @imperfettaproject.

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