Another “doggy” project brought losses to investors for $ 60 million

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Investments in a new cryptocurrency project on a dog theme turned out to be a loss of $ 60 million for investors.

AnubisDAO announced the launch on October 28th with a server registration on Discord and a Twitter account. The project was a fork of OlympusDAO, a decentralized organization whose cryptocurrency is backed by assets in its own reserves. Anubis, an ancient Egyptian god with a dog’s head, was chosen as the symbol of the project.

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Although AnubisDAO did not even have a website, many investors were interested in the offer to participate in the initial offering of ANKH tokens and invested about $ 60 million in ETH in it, writes The Block.

It was assumed that the token sale would last 24 hours, but after about 20 hours from the start, all liquidity from the AnubisDAO pool was withdrawn, and the assets invested in the project were dispersed to different addresses. Since there was nothing left to exchange in the pool, the price of the token actually dropped to zero.

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Community members tracked the movements of the stolen cryptocurrency and linked the recipient’s address to the Twitter account @Beerus. This account has been deleted by now. Beerus reported from the alternate account that his real identity is known and he has not deleted his main account. According to the user, his computer was hacked using a malicious PDF file, which he received from the address registered under the investor pseudonym 0xSisyphus in Gmail.

“Don’t get me wrong – this is not 0xSisyphus,” wrote Beerus.

In turn, 0xSisyphus announced a reward of 1,000 ETH ($ 4.3 million) for information about who really owns the wallet that received the funds stolen from AnubisDAO.

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