Another feud between brothers in the royal family: Charles does not want Edward to be Duke of Edinburgh

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That wasn’t enough made between William and Harry, in the royal family there are others poisons between brothers. The protagonists of the conflict this time they are Edoardo and Carlo. The reason for the dispute? A real title of a certain weight. It’s a broken promise. But let’s go in order.

This story begins on June 19, 1999, when Edward of England, fourth and last son of Elizabeth II and Filippo, brings Sophie Rhys-Jones to the altar, after six long years of engagement. How wedding gift, the couple receives a title from the queen, as is customary, when the children of the reigning sovereign get married.

In this case, however, the title received is not the one expected: as a rule, in fact, the sons of the king or queen acquire the status of duke, while Edoardo and Sofia receive that of Counts of Wessex. A title, that of count, which is a ladder below the duke.

But that title of count was accompanied by a promise from Elizabeth: at the time of Philip’s death, the title of Duke of Edinburgh, which the queen’s husband had received at the time of the wedding, it would pass to his son Edoardo. A promise that will now be broken. And this is why Carlo, the elder brother and (eternal) heir to the throne of England, has decided that it will not be so because he wants to keep the title of Duke of Edinburgh for himself. More than one British tabloid wrote it, and now the authoritative has confirmed it The Times, which cites two reliable sources of Buckingham Palace.

Ma who is right between the two brothers? The title of Duke of Edinburgh was first created in 1726, when it was given to Prince Frederick, grandson of King George I. Then it was the turn of Prince George, future King George III, and Prince Alfred, the second son of Queen Victoria. The fourth to receive him was Philip himself, shortly before his marriage to Elizabeth. At this point, according to the Letters Patent issued by George VI, it would be up to Prince Charles to become the next Duke of Edinburgh but, as we said, nel 1999 Buckingham Palace with a official note he made it known that “the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales (aka Charles, ed) have agreed that Prince Edward will be granted the Duchy of Edinburgh when the current title now held by Prince Philip will return to the crown ”. Also in a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Sophia she recalled when, over twenty years ago, Filippo proposed to her and Edoardo to become Dukes of Edinburgh: “We were a bit surprised, he (Philip of Edinburgh, ed) came directly to us and he said he would have really liked us to consider the possibility of receiving the title ».

So, when Filippo died last April, everyone thought his fourth son would become a duke. Even because Edoardo worked alongside his father for a long time in Duke of Edinburgh Award benefit program, was trustee and chairman of the International Duke of Edinburgh Award, and has always expressed a desire to continue the parent’s work. Instead the title of Duke of Edinburgh passed to the eldest son, Charles, who at this point he has the power to give it to his brother or not, but only once he takes the place of his mother Elizabeth. This is because, when a royal ascends the throne, all his other titles merge with the crown and can be granted again to someone else. This means that then Carlo will be able to grant his younger brother Edoardo the title he has so desired in recent years. But it is by no means certain that Carlo will do it.

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