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Another man detained in Russia over corruption case involving the country's deputy defense minister

Another man, the third in a row, has been taken into custody in a corruption investigation centered on Russian Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov, Moscow's court service announced today. According to the agency, Alexander Fomin, co-founder of construction company Olimpsitistroy, is suspected of bribing Ivanov, who was detained on Tuesday, and Sergei Borodin, a close associate of Ivanov who is also being held. The scandal is the biggest in the Defense Ministry in years and is seen as a serious blow to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The court service said Fomin is suspected of “providing services” to Ivanov, Borodin and others in the form of materials, work and services related to real estate renovation. “Also Fomin and other persons, acting as an organized group, contributed to Ivanov receiving a particularly large bribe in the form of illegally providing him with real estate-related services,” it said. Source: RES
Source: News Beast

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