Ant. Samaras at the SW Congress: There is no center-right without the Right

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The speech of the former Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, at the 14th Congress of the New Democracy contained political and national messages. Mr. Samaras noted that in the battle of ideas a party can not express everyone.

The New Democracy is not and can never be a “River”. To be open to all yes – but not to lose ourselves. Open arms yes – but let us not forget what our ideas represent. Let us clarify it, then: Center-Right without the Right does not exist. And the Far Right does not fit in the Right … The neo-Nazi formation, we referred it to Justice. And today it is in prison. Why do I say that? “dramatically,” the former prime minister said.

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Looking at the next elections, which will be held by simple proportional representation (another disastrous choice of the Left, because it leads to anarchy or weak and dependent governments, he said) Mr. Samaras spoke of critical ballots.

And it is becoming even more dangerous today, that some centers plan – and do not hide it – to drag Greece into a total “capitulation” with Turkey. To “share” – that is, to cede – our sovereign rights in the Aegean and in the Eastern Mediterranean … That is, for Hellenism to suffer a new national mutilation, the “Prespes of the Aegean”. “This, our faction and the entire Greek people, will not allow it,” he said.

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“We can not go through what we experienced with SYRIZA again. It would be, now, the repetition of the tragedy as a farce… Of the tragedy as a farce. As Marx used to say, in order for Mr. Tsipras to understand me better … SYRIZA divides the world “With SYRIZA, Greece is losing both time and power, while slipping only into national defeats. It would be nationally unthinkable for them to return to power. And we are here not to allow it,” he said.

“In our country now, we have to explain to young people how they will live and how they will start a family. With dignity and dignity. To answer them how they will make ends meet, when their salary is 700 euros and the rent is… 500. We must also Why, if even today, two hooded men, proven to be false witnesses, go unpunished, and influence the political life of the place, what can the ordinary citizen expect? We must reconsider the way we think. “Our values ​​and our ideals. To systematically reward consistent citizens. And to support, in every way, the middle class,” said the former president of New Democracy.

“I did not come here just to give you a ‘patriotic’ speech. I came to talk to you about the present and the future. Make no mistake: Patriotism is not just a romantic memory from yesterday. It is also a modern compass for tomorrow.” “Homeland” is the national interest that we must defend to the outside world. As all the countries that are provoking do. “What unites us, what excites us, what makes us proud, what reminds us of who we are, what pushes us to go, all together, forward”, said Mr. Samaras. “Greece cannot and will not accept a new derailment. Period and hyphen. And only our Party can guarantee that,” he added.

-To promote the emergence of hydrocarbons in Europe.

Mr. Samaras noted that Greece has every reason to promote the emergence of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean, as the saving solution for Europe.

“Only this presupposes that Greece: First, will claim its sovereign rights in the region, as provided by the Law of the Sea and second, will make all the necessary alliances, to overthrow the Turkish commitments … Its International Law The Greek islands – including Kastelorizo ​​- have full rights to the EEZ, which means that the Greek EEZ is “leaning” on the Cypriot side. We can not start with anything less. “They are officially saying that we are … ‘monopolists’ when we claim what international law provides as our own. We can not relinquish our sovereign rights, which are to the benefit of Europe – and the West as a whole,” he said. . “And I am sure that the Prime Minister, in his trip, in a few days, to the USA, will explain all this in detail,” he added.

Mr. Samaras stated that the energy policy “connects” perfectly with our national issues. “We now know that Germany is energy dependent on Russia. But so is Turkey, dependent on Russia. Erdogan’s “blue homeland” doctrine in the Eastern Mediterranean is actually helping Russia, playing Russia’s game. The “blue homeland” is blocking the only “competitor” of Russian gas in Europe. That is, the deposits of the Eastern Mediterranean, where our own EEZs are located. And that is why Turkey is undermining the strong alliance of Greece-Cyprus-Israel-Egypt. “An alliance that is a precondition for the emergence of these deposits and our national wealth, which is there,” he said.

Recalling the country’s agreements with France, Mr. Samaras spoke about the “Lobby of Calm” in Greece, which, as he said, has penetrated all political parties.

That is, the supporters of the easy “settlement” of our national issues. Who asked and insisted, not to take offshore ships and not to sign the Defense Agreement with France. Germany ”. That is, we were told not to go with the only country that openly supported us, France, so as not to leave the country that did not support us, Germany. Nice “policy of alliances” … In my public interventions, for years, I clashed with these gentlemen. I directly disagreed with the resumption of exploratory talks. formal dialogue, at a time when Erdogan’s challenges and accomplishments were escalating. And Erdogan finally managed to avoid sanctions. Just as Mrs. Merkel … This was happening at a time when Erdogan and Turkey continued to promote the illegal Turkish-Libyan pact at the UN, raged with Oruts Reyes, escalated new challenges in Cyprus, and even today sweeps over the Aegean. And no one ever imposed sanctions on her. Because sanctions, from third parties, to an expander, are not imposed when you are in a formal dialogue with him. And that’s why I disagreed with the exploratory ones then. That’s why I said then: “You do not have a dialogue with Pirates”. “Why such a ‘dialogue’ encourages – and ‘legitimizes’ in the eyes of others – the escalation of challenges”, he noted and added:

In the meantime, of course, there has been no “recession” in Greek-Turkish and the Cyprus issue. We did not have “beast day”. We did not have “calm summers”. We had a continuous escalation, on all fronts … They have jumped, from the “gray zones”, to the demilitarization of the Aegean. They are robbing the wealth of Cyprus. They are already settling in Famagusta, where they are installing the most modern means of warfare. They constantly intervene in all the Balkans with the Muslim element at gunpoint. And they are constantly creating issues with a long-term goal in Thrace. I have been shouting for Thrace for years. It is Turkey’s next step, especially at a time when storms of revisionism are rampant. Turkey is trying to impose in practice the questioning, not only of our sovereign rights, but also of our own national sovereignty. And when I asked for sanctions, it was said then that “the threat of sanctions is a more powerful weapon than the sanctions themselves.” I do not see, however, that Turkey has succumbed to this “threat”, on the contrary, it has become intimidated… Then some people tried to baptize me … “extreme”. The interests of a country and the hopes of a nation, not to exploit the phobias of a people … It is a lobby that asks us to give in completely to Turkey, which is “strong”. , because they are “weak”… “.

The former prime minister, who referred to the condemnation of the Russian invasion, said that Greece should have it in mind from now on στην the next day.

“The fires that have been lit are in danger of spreading everywhere. That is why I have been talking for years about the danger of future upheavals in the existing balances. And Konstantinos Karamanlis, who said thirty years ago, that” no one can predict from today “future combinations of forces” in this troubled region. This “tomorrow” may have already arrived … “, he noted.

Source: Capital

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