Antaq approves the first call for privatization of ports in the history of Brazil

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The National Waterway Transport Agency (antaq) approved, this Friday (14), the project for the first port privatization in Brazil: the bidding notice for Companhia Docas do Espírito Santo (Codesa).

With the approval of Antaq, the formalization of the public notice by the BNDES in the Official Gazette (DOU) is scheduled for next week and for March the holding of the event, which will be held at B3.

According to the project, Codesa’s concession contract will be valid for 35 years, renewable for another five years, and has a forecast of R$ 334.8 million in private investments, in addition to approximately R$ 1 billion to cover operating expenses. , according to MInfra.

The Ministry’s forecast is that more than 15,000 direct, indirect and income-effect jobs will be generated over the course of the lease.

It is expected that the Port of Vitória, which is under the administration of Codesa, will double the movement of cargo, currently at 7 million tons per year, reaching 14 million per year.

In relation to the port terminal of Barra do Riacho, MInfra emphasizes that the exploration of new areas is expected.

“It is a historic step that we are taking today. The privatization of Codesa will bring investments, jobs and prosperity to Espírito Santo, in addition to making Brazil more competitive from the outside”, said the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas.

The Codesa auction may open the door to other port privatizations that are of interest to the Ministry of Infrastructure, such as the Port of Santos.

The privatization of the largest in Latin America is an old desire of the federal government, which includes the port complex in the privatization agenda for 2022. In addition to it, concessions for the ports of Itajaí (SC) and São Sebastião (SP) are expected this year.

The director general of antaq, Eduardo Nery, believes that the privatization of Codesa must present a management model. “I am certain that this model will bring new dynamism to Brazilian organized ports, guaranteeing greater quality and efficiency in these facilities,” he said.

about the auction

According to the approved privatization project, the amount of R$ 327.1 million is planned for the sale of Codesa shares held by the Union, as determined by the Federal Audit Court (TCU) for the treatment of the company’s equity value , including unamortized investments. The minimum grant is calculated in the range of R$ 480 million.

It will be allowed to participate in the consortium bidding with up to 15% of the capital individually or 40% jointly. The participation of lessees and private terminals that use the navigation channel of the ports, operating private terminals located in Espírito Santo and that move relevant cargo to the Port of Vitória, is prohibited.

The auction will be held in a public session, with sealed envelopes and the provision of bids in speakerphone. The selection criterion for the lessee company will be the one with the highest grant value. The concession will be made with the sale of equity interest of the Union.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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