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Antaq exempts tariffs for vessels containing cargo for RS

The National Waterway Transport Agency (Antaq) authorized the total exemption or partial discount on tariffs for vessels containing cargo destined for humanitarian support for Rio Grande do Sul.

The decision was published this Monday (13), along with other regulatory measures with the aim of helping the delivery of donations to the state.

According to the agency, it was taken into account that a large part of these donations are being transported by vessel, especially on ships carrying containers.

This is because Salgado Filho international airport, in Porto Alegre (RS), is closed indefinitely, with all flights suspended. Fraport, the company that manages the airport, estimates that it will only reopen on the 30th.

With the measure, full tariff discounts from tables I and II are authorized for vessels with cargo exclusively destined for the delivery of donations to the southern region of the country.

The agency informed that proportional tariff discounts will be allowed in tables I and II for operations that non-exclusively transport cargo classified as humanitarian intended to support flood victims in the state.

Full tariff discounts are also authorized for other operations carried out with cargo classified as humanitarian and that apply to other tariff tables (infraterra), which are intended to support victims of climate events that occurred in Rio Grande do Sul.

Priority will be given to vessels containing donations for victims of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul in ports.

According to the deliberation, each public port must issue the guidelines that are necessary to give full effectiveness to this resolution and the port authorities must forward a report to the agency with the preferences and discounts granted for the purpose of monitoring the measures.

Actions still in force:

  • Temporary flexibility of the operational schemes of Brazilian Shipping Companies (EBNs) that operate in Rio Grande do Sul and are regulated by Antaq.
  • Receiving donations at the Antaq headquarters building, in Asa Norte, in Brasília (DF), from 8am to 6pm, until necessary. The priorities are: drinking water, non-perishable food, personal hygiene kit, children's and geriatric diapers, underwear and animal food.

Source: CNN Brasil

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