Anthony Bourdain: His relationships with women, drugs and tanning

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Who was the real one Anthony Bourdain outlines in her book “Bourdain: The Definitive Oral Biography” the long-time personal assistant of the chef, Lori Wolverine. A few months after death of Bourdain, in June 2018, Lori Wolverine began interviewing friends and relatives of the chef. The two have known each other since 2002 when Bourdain hired her to help him write a cookbook. After so many years, she thought she knew everything about him but soon discovered she was wrong.

“I learned stories and aspects of it that I had never heard or seen. “I learned something new from everyone I spoke to,” Laurie told the New York Post. In Wolverine’s book, 91 personalities from Anthony Bourdain, from journalist Christian Amanpour to restaurateur David Chang, talk about Anthony Bourdain.

“He was constantly on the move – You could not reach him”

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A common feeling that Lori Wolverine gained from many who spoke of Bourdain was that she always wanted more, he always seemed to be chasing something and they could not approach him. “They had the feeling that he was constantly on the move. “It was like a shark, I never lived in one place, as if it had to move permanently to survive,” he says characteristically.

His strange addiction to tanning

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Wolverine also learned about it Anthony Bourdain’s strange “sticking” with the tan which started from his youth. “I remember him joking that he could easily take part in tanning competitions,” says his brother, Christopher Bourdain.

“I think he was so obsessed with hiding the scars and paleness due heroinSays James Graham, who worked with Tony – as his friends called him – in many New York kitchens.

Anthony Bourdain tanned

Bourdain’s relations with women

Nancy Bourdain, the chef’s first wife, rarely speaks publicly about him but puts her mark on Wolverine’s book. «I did not like how it had become in recent years. “He seemed permanently tortured and tired, he didn’t even care to tan anymore,” he says.

Some argue that Bourdain has always had charged relationships with women. “He has always had strong relationships with women,” says author Bill Beauford. His brother, Christopher, says Bourdain began having sex with prostitutes after his first marriage broke up.

“It was emotionally immatureSays the long-time producer Lydia Tenalia. “Deep down he was like a teenager,” he adds.

Bourdain: His drug addiction

Anthony Bourdain

Others refer to addiction of Anthony with the drugs. “His addiction has always seemed strange to me,” says his former kitchen colleague Robert Vuolo. “It often seemed to be something foreign to him,” he says. But his childhood friend Jeff Fermoza remembers that Anthony Bourdain and Nancy went through phases that “they just sat at home, did not pick up the phones and spent on drugs whatever money they had». “When Tony’s father died, they inherited some money and what Anthony got, went into his veinsHe adds.

“It was much darker in the last years of his life. “Towards the end I had stopped watching his shows because I did not recognize him,” said Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, his second wife.

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