Anthony Pompliano: Apple will sooner or later introduce bitcoin

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In the future, Apple will inevitably allow payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This opinion was expressed by the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano, commenting on the admission of the company’s CEO Tim Cook about investments in digital assets.

In his YouTube channel, The Best Business Show, Pompliano predicted that all tech giants will sooner or later integrate Web 3 solutions and new technologies into their products.

“Cryptocurrency will not be a separate industry. Instead, they infiltrate it into all existing assets and industries, ”he said.

Pompliano noted that it has become normal to discuss cryptocurrencies in any society without risking being branded “crazy or lost his head.” Such conversations now do not carry career risks, he added.

“Whether it’s Tim Cook or anyone with power and influence, whether he’s in finance, technology or elsewhere, it’s now allowed to talk about this technology. Perhaps they were just waiting for this, ”said the businessman.

He suggested that in the next 10-20 years, technology companies will more actively enter the cryptocurrency industry, inviting experts and leaders from it.

As an example, he cited the inclusion of Paradigm co-founder Matt Huang on the board of the online payments provider Stripe in early November. The firm said it was counting on his expertise in the announced cryptocurrency division.

These trends will lead to widespread adoption of digital assets across all sectors of the economy, Pompliano said.

In May, Apple opened a vacancy for a business development manager with five years of experience in the crypto industry to develop an affiliate program in the “alternative payments” segment.

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