Anthony Warner had Left Hints in Days Leading to the Bombing


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Investigations into the life of Anthony Warner, the Nashville bomber have revealed that the attacker had left hints in the days leading to the incident. On 25th December, Warner had blown him self up in a recreational van in down town Nashville. Before the explosion, the camper van had played warning messages, telling people to evacuate the area.

The explosion had injured 3 people and destroyed 40 plus buildings, including the AT&T building.

The Hints

Earlier this month, Anthony Quin had resigned from his long term job as a freelance IT professional with Steve Fridrich’s estate agency. Last month, Warner had transferred his long time home in Nashville to a woman in California for free. However, the transfer papers do not have the signature of the woman on them.  That is not all, the 63 year old bomber also gave away his car, telling the person that he was suffering from cancer.

All of these things point at the fact that the attacker had never planned on surviving the attack.

Last Conversation

Warner’s neighbor, Rick Laude told CNN about the last conversation he had with the suicide bomber. Laude had asked Warner about Christmas plans and he had replied that he was going to be ‘more famous’. He had also stated that Nashville would never forget him.

Laude took it as a light hearted conversation and it did not raise any suspicions in his mind. His neighbors had earlier said that the attacker seldom talked to any one and was a ‘hermit’. He mostly kept to himself and had acquaintances but no friends in the Antioch area, where he lived.

Although details have started emerging, Anthony Warner’s motive behind the Nashville bombing still remains unknown. It is being speculated that the aim could have been to target AT&T.



Source CNN

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