Anti-vaccine tycoon offered $100,000 to fellow passenger to take off her mask on plane

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The billionaire tech mogul who made global headlines for offering a female airline passenger $100,000 to remove her protective mask for coronavirusstated that “he doesn’t regret it” for his controversial offer.

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The Silicon Valley veteran Steve Kirsch64, was described as “weird” after describing his encounter with a woman in a Twitter post last Friday.

“I’m boarding her flight Delta right now,” he wrote in his first post, which has been viewed more than 32 million times.

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“The person sitting next to me in the first row she turned down $100,000 to remove her mask for the entire flight. No kidding. This was after I explained to her that they don’t work. He works for a pharmaceutical company».

According to information from New York PostKirsch, explaining the context of his conversation with the masked passenger, said it took place on a flight 4.5 hours from San Francisco to Detroit. “It was a heart-to-heart conversation,” insisted the wealthy businessman, adding that he is “never obnoxious and aggressive” when talking to people wearing masks.

According to Kirsch, the woman, who she said was in her 60s, was actually the one who started the conversation. “I asked her why she was wearing a mask,” he explained. “She said she was going to see her daughter and wanted to protect yourself from the coronavirus».

“The offer was hypothetical”

The tycoon claimed that he then made the “hypothetical” offer of 100,000 dollars to “challenge her belief” that the masks constituted effective form of protection from the virus. The woman said she would turn down the money, with Kirsch arguing that it “shows her off craze which some people have.”

“He believes that [η μάσκα] it works,” explained the tech mogul exasperatedly. “I just wanted to understand how people believe this thing“, he added. Despite his heated disagreement with the woman, Kirsch described her as “super nice” and said their meeting had always remained friendly.

Source: News Beast

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