The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma for Information Policy said that Russian industrial miners support the new version of bills relating to the regulation of digital currency, but with certain amendments.

Anton Gorelkin reported that the Industrial Mining Association is asking to include in the bill the possibility of allowing foreign companies to mine digital currencies. Representatives of the mining industry called on deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to take into account the risks that may arise due to the introduction of a mechanism for banning mining in a number of areas.

The deputy emphasized that the likelihood of a ban on cryptocurrency mining should be carefully analyzed. According to him, the new head of the Ministry of Energy, Sergei Tsivilev, has a positive attitude towards the mining of digital assets and assumes that a compromise solution will be found.

Anton Gorelkin believes that the main goal of the authors of the bill and industrial miners is to ensure that the growth in the production of virtual assets does not cause an increase in tariffs for the population and a shortage of electricity in some regions. The deputy noted that the mining industry must show the regions the advantage of its presence in them.

Let us remind you that amendments to the bill regulating cryptocurrency mining were introduced on April 26 and are now awaiting official withdrawal from the government.

Earlier, Anton Gorelkin announced the creation of a Russian register of cryptocurrency miners, which will be maintained by the Federal Tax Service (FTS) or the Ministry of Digital Development.