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Antonella Clerici and the beautiful speech on Giulia Cecchettin and the kids who must be used to “no”

If there is a presenter who has never been afraid to show her face, it is it Antonella Clerici who, over the years, has decided to espouse various causes on live television without worrying too much about the consequences. And so, after the bitterness of the collapse of the Zan bill, here Antonella Clerici speaks with an open heart and with moving clarity about yet another femicide of 2023, addressing not only women but also men trapped in a much more toxic society than it seems at first glance. «I have always said that the most important messages pass through the lightness that we face every day. I am not someone who holds back, ever, I write it on social media and I also say it on television”, began Antonella Clerici during the episode of It’s always midday broadcast on Rai1 on 20 November.

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«One thing that struck us all was Giulia’s death, a dramatic thing, and her sister’s courage. However, I want to say one thing: we educators (fathers, mothers, children, sisters, brothers) should learn and educate our children about “no”. We need to learn a little from the basics, as happens in sport. When my daughter gets a 4 in a subject, it’s not the teachers’ fault, but it’s her fault because she didn’t study enough. Otherwise we protect these kids too much, we always make them feel in their comfort zonenot to mention social media which gives them greater performance anxiety more naturally than us, who are always too attentive to them. They will never be used to defeats or no’s from friends, no’s from girlfriends, no’s from anything. Among the many reasons there are, in addition to sentimental education which clearly must start from school, education must start with us adults”.

Antonella Clerici’s speech is effective and very lucid because it is capable of reaching everyone regardless of gender and geographical origin: «Let’s get our kids used to this, because it is really very important. Then there are many discussions that can be had but, as a mother or father, this is very important.” The problem, in short, is upstream, and has to do with the excessive protection that adults exercise on children so that the latter do not feel hurt or inappropriate. Wounds, however, are part of life, and the sooner kids understand this, the sooner they will be able to face the internal movements that we have all faced without exploding towards others and, above all, towards others.

Source: Vanity Fair

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