Antonino Spinalbese: “With Belén we feel only for the little girl”

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In the next television season Antonino Spinalbese should be among the competitors of the Big Brother Vip. But not to be considered a VIP just for sharing a daughter – Luna Marìone year in July, – with Belén Rodríguez, now he also begins to talk about himself. And she does it with an open heart, confessing as a father, explaining the reasons that led to break with the Argentine showgirl, and talking about their current relationships.

“We feel only for the little girl”, Spinalbese said in an interview. “It’s the only thing that unites us today.” The former hair stylist and Belen, who is now back with Stefano De Martinohave been linked for just over a year: from August 2020 to December 2021.

It was the birth of Luna Marì that made the two understand that they could no longer be a coupleaccording to Spinalbese: “We wanted different things”, he explains, without resentment. “I had chosen to face life as a father, I based my existence on family, while she said that you could have both, a family and a life of your own. I was enjoying one of the best moments, the birth of a child, an emotion she had already felt and that I was trying for the first time, and I was only seeing that. We weren’t aligned “.

In fact, now, Spinalbese says that he lives only for his daughter. For which door fixed one wedding ring, engraved with the name of Luna Marì: «Una promise of love made to my daughter, she is the most important person in my life, she comes before me ».

The little girl is also, she said recently, “the reason why I keep breathing.” In a television interview, the first of him, a few weeks ago, Spinalbese revealed that he suffered from an autoimmune disease that led him to have pancreatic problems: “I have pancreas of an elderly person, and I discovered it by chance, but with a healthy diet I can live a normal life ». A life dedicated entirely to her daughter, “the best thing I’ve ever done.”

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Source: Vanity Fair

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