Antonio Batista: It is necessary to grow respecting environmental and inclusion values

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The Fortune Global 500 survey released this week showed that, after the relaxation of restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, the world’s largest companies broke records in 2021. CNN Specialist in management and business, Antonio Batista Silva Jr., explained what can drive the growth of corporations.

He said that external factors, such as the economic scenario and legislation, are factors of great influence for entrepreneurs, but that there are companies that manage to grow even in times of recession.

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“Growth attracts shareholders, but it also has an influence on society, attracting great talent, more consumers and making employees more optimistic and motivated,” he explained.

However, Batista stressed that a company should never seek growth at any cost. “It is necessary to sustain oneself respecting environmental values, inclusion and social good.”

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The expert cited three important factors to achieve the desired growth: seek innovation, offer products with high added value to the customer and maintain resilience and obstinacy.

See more in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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