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Antonio Guterres calls for “drastic measures” to curb climate change

As the planet heads towards a overheat from 2.5°C to 2.9°C by 2100, the Secretary-General of UN called for “drastic action, now”, just days before COP28, the UN climate conference in Dubai.

“Leaders need to redouble efforts dramatically, with record ambitions, record actions, and record emissions reductions,” said Antonio Guterres.

“This requires uprooting its poisoned roots climate crisis: fossil fuels”, he emphasized before the press on the occasion of the publication of an annual UN report on the gap between needs and prospects for reducing emissions. The “gap” between states’ commitments and what would be necessary to meet the goals of the Paris agreement constitutes “a failure of leadership, a betrayal of the vulnerable, and a huge missed opportunity,” Guterres charged.

“A canyon full of broken promises, shattered lives and broken records,” he added as he announced he was leaving today for a trip to Chile and Antarctica. “To see for myself the deadly impact of the climate crisis” he added.

Source: News Beast

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