ANTT updates minimum road freight floor; average readjustment is 9.64%

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The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) published this Friday, 21, a table with the new minimum prices for road freight, with an average readjustment of 9.64%.

The effects of freight adjustments, however, vary according to the type of load, number of axles, travel distance and type of operation. The update of the values ​​was published in the edition of the Official Gazette (DOU) this Friday (20), and was deliberated in a meeting of the board of the state agency held yesterday.

According to ANTT, the update considered marketing parameters, which represent 80% of the total cost of transport. They are: the price of S10 diesel oil, the drivers’ salary, the price of the tire and the purchase price of the tractor vehicle.

For the other variables that influence the cost of transport, the ANTT updated the values ​​by the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), of 5.856420%.

By law, ANTT has to readjust the freight table every six months or when the diesel price variation is equal to or greater than 10% – when the trigger mechanism is activated.

The last readjustment by the trigger mechanism was made on October 19th and the most recent semi-annual was on July 15th. The National Policy on Minimum Floors for Road Cargo Transport was instituted in August 2018.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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