Anuel AA throws a motorcycle at his audience during a concert

Anuel AA throws a motorcycle at his audience during a concert

After all the fuss and controversy that he generated with hints to Karol G and Feid in his social media posts after the premiere of his new single Better than methe rapper Anuel AA seemed to have put the controversy aside to focus on his presentations.

However, everything seems to indicate that controversy is a fundamental part of his life, or at least it seems that way, since recently the Puerto Rican singer was about to cause an accident at one of his concerts, after he accidentally lost his seat. control of a motorcycle that ended up falling near the public. Fortunately, the incident did not become major, but it caused debate and outrage on social networks.

Last weekend, during the show that Anuel AA presented in New York, United States, as part of his Showthe singer made his triumphal entrance to the stage mounted on a motorcycle, an act that did not go as expected, because when he wanted to get off it, he ended up losing control and pressed the accelerator causing the motorcycle to go directly into the public.

Fortunately, the speed of the vehicle was moderate, so it only advanced to the edge of the stage, where the staff of the staffwho, realizing what had happened, did not hesitate to stop the vehicle and take it up on stage so that the Puerto Rican interpreter could get back on and continue with the concert.

Fortunately, the accident did not become major and there were no injuries after the singer’s mistake, but what caused annoyance and criticism among users on social networks was that Anuel continued with the show and continued singing as if nothing had happened without offering an apology for what happened.

The various recordings taken by the public and shared on social networks soon went viral and were disseminated on the internet, where many people soon expressed their disgust and indignation against the Puerto Rican, who apparently does not care about his public. because he did not pause the concert for a second to make sure that no one had been hurt.

So far, the interpreter of richer than yesterday It has not stated anything in this regard, nor has it commented on whether its plans include modifying or removing this element from its Show to avoid accidents later.

Source: Okchicas