Anvisa confirms new case of Candida auris fungus in the country

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The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) reported, this Wednesday (12), that the third outbreak of the fungus was confirmed. Candida auris No brazil.

According to Anvisa, the case occurred in a public hospital in Recife, Pernambuco. The confirmation of the case was carried out by the Central Public Health Laboratory Prof. Gonçalo Moniz (Lacen/BA), reference in the area. Another suspected case is under laboratory investigation.

Anvisa considers the incidence as an outbreak because it encompasses the emergence of a new microorganism in the country’s epidemiology – even though it is only a confirmed case.

prevention actions

Since the identification of the suspected case, the hospital has established precautionary measures and taken actions to prevent and control the outbreak.

According to Anvisa, the Pernambuco State Infection Prevention and Control Coordination was notified about the suspected case, carried out a technical visit to the hospital and provides guidance, monitoring the outbreak and supporting infection prevention and control actions.

The national task force was activated and several surveillance, monitoring, prevention and control actions were intensified.

The epidemiological investigation will be conducted by the Centers for Strategic Information in Health Surveillance (Cievs) and by EpiSUS (Epidemiology Applied to the Services of the Unified Health System – SUS).

Anvisa also requested that microbiology laboratories intensify laboratory surveillance for the identification of the fungus. Suspected or confirmed cases ofCandida auris must be informed to the Hospital Infection Control Commission (CCIH) of the health service and the samples must be sent to one of the Central Public Health Laboratories (Lacen).

Reference: CNN Brasil

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