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Anvisa removes mandatory mask on flights and airports

The use of masks face protection is no longer mandatory in airports and aircraft in Brazil. Faced with the current scenario, the use of masks, adopted until then as a collective health measure, is converted into an individual protection measure.

The determination of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) takes place at an ordinary public meeting of the Collegiate Board held this Wednesday (17), which approved, by majority vote, changes to the rule that deals with measures to be adopted at airports and aircraft. due to Covid-19.

Directors Alex Machado Campos, Daniel Pereira, Rômison Rodrigues Mota and Meiruze Sousa Freitas voted in favor. Voting is in progress and CEO Antonio Barra Torres will vote next.

Director Alex Machado Campos, rapporteur of the process, said that the agency’s decision considers technical criteria and the epidemiological scenario of the disease in Brazil and in the world.

According to the director of Anvisa Daniela Marreco, sanitary measures to protect health must be proportional to the risk, considering the epidemiological scenario, seasonal behavior of the pandemic, population immunization rates, collective versus individual protection measures, disease morbidity and mortality, availability of treatment and health services and vulnerable populations.

“It is important to highlight that the measures related to the mitigation of risks arising from Covid-19 incorporated in regulations published by Anvisa have been based on scientific data and in the epidemiological, local and global context”, said Daniela in a presentation at the public meeting.

The director says that the recommendations followed indicators of the current epidemiological scenario. According to her, the country has an average of 214 daily deaths, 23,256 daily cases, 101 million individuals vaccinated with the booster dose and the pandemic has a seasonal behavior with a downward trend in indicators.

The decision upheld the disembark the aircraft in an orderly manner by ranks to reduce agglomerations in the corridor and the risk of contagion.

You audible warnings will be kept but adjusted to the current pandemic scenario, including the recommendation of the use of a mask by populations most vulnerable to Covid-19, such as immunosuppressed people, children and the elderly.

previous flexibilities

On May 22, flexibilities came into effect, including the resumption of food service on board, the permission to remove a mask for food and return to the use of maximum capacity for passenger transport in the internal spaces of airports.

The changes change resolution 456 of December 2020, according to the current epidemiological scenario of the disease in Brazil and in the world.

Source: CNN Brasil

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