Any gamer’s dream: Overwatch 2 launched on RTX 4090 with 500 FPS in 2K

Any gamer’s dream: Overwatch 2 launched on RTX 4090 with 500 FPS in 2K

Yesterday, October 4, the multiplayer game Overwatch 2 went into early access mode for release, the launch of which NVIDIA decided to use for a marketing campaign to promote its new line of RTX 40 video cards. For example, representatives of the “green team” said that the flagship RTX 4090 video card allows run the video game Overwatch 2 at 500 fps at 1440p (2K resolution). Unfortunately, the company’s employees decided to keep silent about the graphics quality and shooter settings at the time of recording the frame rate, but we are probably talking about high settings.

However, on simpler video cards of the new line, the frame rate is also impressive. For example, on an RTX 4080 with 16 GB of internal video memory, the game averaged 368 FPS, while on an RTX 4080 with 12 GB of memory (which is actually more RTX 4070) – almost 300 FPS. Accordingly, even the most affordable graphics card from the RTX 40 line demonstrates 50 FPS more than the RTX 3080, which is certainly extremely pleasant for fans of the series. At the same time, it is worth noting that for some reason NVIDIA employees decided not to test Overwatch 2 in 4K on “ultra” – during the tests, measurements were carried out exclusively at 1440p.

NVIDIA also spoke about support for NVIDIA Reflex – Overwatch 2 received the latest technology that allows you to reach a new level in the field of eSports. The fact is that the proprietary development of the “green team” significantly reduces the input lag in a video game – by about 60%. Accordingly, if the RTX 3060 shows an input lag of 27ms, then on the flagship RTX 4090 graphics card, the input lag is only 4ms. Most gamers probably won’t notice the difference, since prior to the launch of NVIDIA Reflex, no one even thought about video input lag, but for professional gamers, this is an important bonus.

Probably, such high frame rates are due not only to the performance of the video card itself, but also to the fact that the second part of the popular shooter uses extremely simple graphics with a small number of polygons. However, the news about FPS in Overwatch 2 definitely didn’t make ordinary gamers any happier, because they simply can’t get into the match. The fact is that at the time of the launch of the game in early access, the servers had serious connection problems – some users wait in line for literally hours.

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