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Apocalypse scenes in Dubai after torrential rains – Roads turned into rivers – Chaos at the airport

Torrential rains and severe storms caused scenes of the Apocalypse in Dubai. At Dubai International Airport, hundreds of travelers are crowding to leave their holiday destination as quickly as possible. The luxurious city is submerged under water. Roads turned into rivers, Dubai airport was flooded, flights were canceled or diverted, with problems from the unprecedented bad weather one after the other. Nearly 50 flights to and from Dubai have been cancelled, while shocking video shows several planes plowing through water at Dubai International Airport, the busiest for international travel. The water swept everything in its path and passed through luxury malls, while shoppers with designer clothes in hand swam in the water. Winds tossed furniture off balconies, while the sky turned black with revealing videos showing lightning strikes every few seconds, the Daily Mail reports. Influencer Jordan broadcast live trapped in his flooded Rolls Royce. “Now […]
Source: News Beast

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