Apologies do not alleviate crime, says lawyer and former BBB Gizelly Bicalho

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The crime of sexual harassment became the subject of the moment after the case involving the Mexican model Dania Mendez on Big Brother Brasil (BBB 23), on TV Globo.

Globo decided to expel the participants MC Guimê and Antonio “Cara de Sapato”, on Thursday (16), after the Jacarepaguá Women’s Assistance Police opened an inquiry to investigate sexual harassment inside the house.

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The fighter “Cara de Sapato” published, this Saturday (18), a video on his social networks in which he says that he “did not realize” that he could be crossing the line and apologized for the episode involving Dania Mendez. Guilherme Dantas, known as MC Guimê, published a video on his social networks on Friday (17) in which he apologized to Dania, Lexa, Bruna, and to all the women who in a way felt offended.

In an interview with CNN this Sunday (19), criminal lawyer and former BBB Gizelly Bicalho commented on the episode and possible punishments for the crime of sexual harassment.

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“Them going to the media to apologize, this does not mitigate the crime, it shows their responsibility. ‘Look, I did it, I’ll assume, there will be a process and I’ll respond’. They are not poor things, they had an attitude, excuse the word a little fouler, but as if it were a dog in heat going after the participant”, says Gizelly.

According to the lawyer, the penalty for the crime of sexual harassment in Brazil is from 1 to 5 years in prison.

“For example, you are at a carnival, the guy comes and steals a kiss. There is no stolen kiss, that is sexual harassment. When, for example, a guy masturbates in front of you, ejaculates or shows his penis, takes off his clothes in front of someone, tries to force you, rubs someone with the intention of satisfying his desire, it is considered sexual harassment. The penalty for this crime is from 1 to 5 years”, explains the specialist.

“Last year, 30 million women were victims of some type of sexual harassment or harassment – ​​15% of the Brazilian population. That’s the cases that were reported, apart from those that didn’t report “, highlighted Gizelly.

Source: CNN Brasil

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