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App driver threatens father of autistic child with baseball bat in fight in DF

Security cameras recorded the moment when app driver Gabriel Xavier argues with truck driver Carlos Eduardo Lobato, 44, and uses a baseball bat to threaten the passenger, who was accompanied by his three-year-old son. The case took place on Tuesday morning (30), in Brasília (DF).

A CNN found that Carlos Eduardo called an app car to take his son, who is autistic, to the doctor. The vehicle that arrived to pick them up was different from the model indicated on the platform, so the customer went to check the license plate, while the child went ahead and got into the car.

The boy would have stepped on the back seat of the vehicle, which irritated the driver. Gabriel Xavier would have pulled the child from inside the car, which caused the boy to get scared and fall. Then Carlos Eduardo went to take satisfaction with the driver, who would have cursed the child and refused to transport the family.

During the discussion, driver Gabriel Xavier grabbed a baseball bat and threatened to hit the passenger with the object. Carlos Eduardo, then, tried to protect his son and put himself in front of the child. There was no consummation of physical aggression.

The family filed a police report and is suing the driver for embarrassment and threat. In the process, they seek compensation for moral damages.

The Civil Police of the Federal District reported that the victim expressed an interest in representing to the detriment of the app driver and that the 26th Police Station is investigating the facts. The case was registered as a threat.

A CNN , Gabriel Xavier said he understands that he acted wrongly, as well as the passenger. He also stated that he has already apologized to those involved in the case and that he understands that the situation is resolved.

A CNN requested a placement from 99 and is waiting for a return.

Source: CNN Brasil

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