App host offers trips to women who want to discover their cheating husbands

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In addition to its impact on public health, the covid-19 pandemic hit the economy hard, as millions of people around the world lost their jobs, so many had no choice but to start a business in order to survive. However, in these complicated times, competition also represents a great challenge, so one of the biggest challenges when starting your own business is knowing how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Elizandra Regina de Cândido, an artisan from São Paulo, Brazil, determined to get ahead, found a particular but profitable way to make a living. The 47-year-old woman used to make ties by hand, but her sales were affected by the pandemic, she even tried to sell sandwiches, but depending on the delivery men made her profits decrease, so she decided it was time to think different.

Elizandra Regina de Candido

After talking with some of her acquaintances, she came to the conclusion that women feel insecure about traveling with male drivers on app-based transportation platforms, so she had a brilliant idea to solve two problems: their unemployment and improve the public transport model in such a way that it favored the female niche.

With her car parked in the garage, almost a year ago, she decided to get to work and started working as an independent driver, without being linked to any apps Of transport.

I work a lot, shopping for ladies, taking them to the doctor, taking or picking up children from school and picking up girls who go to clubs.

Elizandra Regina de Cândido making ties on a machine

A few days ago, the driver went viral after offering her unusual services on Facebook, such as “taking women with their lovers”, “providing them with their attention so that they can vent if they cannot afford a psychologist” or even ” transport wives who want to separate from their husbands and help them pack their bags”.

Elizandra says she was inspired by a similar post, but made some additions out of consideration for her female audience. Although her publication was only a “serious joke”, her result left her quite satisfied, since she was showered with requests from women interested in acquiring her services.

Elizandra Regina de Candido

In addition, the peculiar list of the ad also includes taking their clients to wait for their husband to leave the motel with his lover. What’s up, huh?! This latest addition to Elizandra’s extensive catalog of services came about when she took a friend to a motel to find out if her then-partner was cheating on her.

I’m not a private detective, but I do what people ask… The only exception is that I don’t give services to men.

Elizandra Regina de Candido

After going viral on the networks, the exclusive driver, who considers herself a “todologist”, revealed that she already has plans to buy another car to partner with her sister and create her own company, since her phone does not stop ringing for clients who want to request any of its services.

For the bold Elizandra, the purpose of her business is not only to generate an income, but also to be able to help other women. By leaving her problems aside to sympathize with those of others, she went from feeling sad, defeated and alone to reinventing herself as a human being. How about?


Source: Okchicas

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