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Apple and Hyundai agree to build self-driving electric vehicles, according to unconfirmed reports

Hyundai Motor and Apple are planning to sign a partnership agreement for self-driving electric vehicles by March and begin production around 2024. This is reported by Reuters with reference to Korea IT News.

Hyundai Motor has previously confirmed that it is in talks with Apple to create an electric vehicle. By the way, this message led to an increase in Hyundai shares by almost 20%.

The South Korean manufacturer did not comment on the publication on the agreement, limiting itself to the previous wording that it received requests for potential cooperation in the development of self-driving electric vehicles from various companies.

Apple has not provided any comments yet.

Initially, the Korea IT News publication said the companies planned to build cars at Kia Motors (a Hyundai subsidiary) in Georgia or jointly invest in a new plant in the United States. The initial productivity of the enterprise is supposedly supposed to be 100,000 cars per year, and over time it is planned to bring it up to 400,000. Later these details were removed.


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