Apple announces transfer of iPhone 14 production from China to India

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Apple has started manufacturing its new iPhone 14 in India as the tech giant looks to diversify its supply chain outside of China.

While the company manufactures most of its products in China, it has decided to start producing its latest devices in India much earlier than previous generations.

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The company introduced its new iPhone three weeks ago. The latest devices offer updated camera systems, a new interactive lock screen and, on Pro models, much faster performance.

The company also introduced new safety features such as car accident detection technology and an SOS emergency tool.

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“The new iPhone 14 lineup features innovative new technologies and important security features. We are excited to manufacture the iPhone 14 in India,” the company said in a statement on Monday, confirming weeks of speculation.

Apple’s devices are made in India by Taiwan’s Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron, but the company typically starts assembling models in the country just seven to eight months after launch, Tarun Pathak, Counterpoint’s director of research, said. CNN Business .

Monday’s announcement marks a major shift in its strategy and comes at a time when US tech companies are looking to alternatives to China, where global supply chains have faced disruptions due to strict Covid-related lockdowns. There are also growing concerns about the risk of a further split between China and the United States over Taiwan.

Analysts had been predicting that Apple would reduce its dependence on China for some time. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year that the company was looking to ramp up production in countries like Vietnam and India, citing China’s strict Covid policy as one of the reasons.

“Apple wants diversity and not putting all its eggs in one basket,” Pathak said, adding that the move is a “show of faith in India.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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