Apple looks at how users react to notifications. And creates their imprints

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After updating to iOS 15.4, a new settings item appeared in the App Store – “Notifications”. In it, you can turn off app store notifications about new features and updates, as well as recommendations and offers. In addition, there is an inscription:

Apple associates your notification views and other activities with your Apple ID.

In simple terms, the company tracks how users view notifications (apparently, how quickly they view them, whether they read them or immediately delete them, etc.), and then associates the results of these “observations” with a digital profile of a particular person (his Apple ID account) complements the digital fingerprint of a person.

One of the first to notice this was the developer Tommy Mysk, who had previously written an article about the dangers of underestimating the capabilities of the accelerometer in a smartphone – material based on it was published on Treshbox. It’s possible that Apple has done this before, but at least it’s only now that the message about it has appeared in a prominent place.

Source: Trash Box

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