Application Photo for documents 1.1.52

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You can easily create an ID photo from photos taken with your smartphone. It is also possible to save individual photo data. The ability to take pictures as many times as you like makes this app ideal for taking ID photos of children.

This application generates data that corresponds to the total print size of photos – 10×15 cm.

You can print photos at home if you have a printer capable of printing photos from smartphones or digital cameras, since the file format created is the same as photos taken by most smartphones and digital cameras (JPEG).

You can choose the following ID photo sizes:

  • height 40 × width 30 mm
  • height 45 × width 35 mm
  • height 51 x width 51 mm (2 x 2 inches)
  • height 35 × width 25 mm
  • height 25 × width 25 mm
  • height 48 × width 33 mm
  • height 50 × width 35 mm
  • height 45 × width 45 mm

You can also specify other sizes, with different heights and widths.

You can also specify as many cropped ID photos as will fit on one printed sheet.

You can include ID photos of different sizes on one printed sheet.

You can create a black and white (grayscale) ID photo from a color photo.

The default size of the finished print is 10×15 cm, but you can change it.

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