Approved Water Fields in Porto Heli and Ermioni for seaplane flights

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The beginning of the creation of Water Fields in the Peloponnese was made with the first two being approved in Porto Heli and Ermioni following the application of the company “ERMIONIDA S.A.”

“ERMIONIDA S.A.”, the Management body of the Tourist Port of Ermioni and the Tourist Boat Shelter of the Port of Porto Heli, in close cooperation and with the full support of the Municipality of Ermionida, undertook the most important initiative to proceed with the approval of the two Water Areas (in Porto Heli and Ermioni) which will be innovative “entrance gates” for both tourists and residents of the areas. The company “Hermionida SA” is active in the construction and operation of Tourist Ports.

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The approvals of the two water areas were issued, based on Law 4663/20, by the General Staff of the Navy (GEN) in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Service and the Ministry of Shipping.

In the approved Water Fields, according to the current legislation, up to six pairs of flights (landing – landing) per seaplane airline are allowed daily. In addition to the six flight pairs, general aviation, airlift, firefighting, search and rescue, and emergency flights are permitted.

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Flights may be operated from/to licensed Waterways and land airports (using amphibious seaplanes).

Already the airline “GRECIAN AIR SEAPLANES”, which is in the process of obtaining an AOC for seaplane flights, has included Porto Heli and Ermioni in the network of destinations it plans to serve.

For the implementation of the approval of the two Water Fields, “HERMIONIDA S.A.” chose as a contractor “HELLINIC WATERWAYS” which is the first company active in the field of watercourses and watercourses as it has completed the licensing of the first three watercourses (Corfu, Paxos, Patras) and the first pan-Hellenic Watercourse in Halkidiki.

The President of the company “Hellenic Waterways” referring to the matter stated: “We are very happy for the approval of the Water Fields in Porto Heli and Ermioni in the name of the company “ERMIONIDA SA”. In general, the Water Fields are an extremely flexible service solution seaplane flights as, according to the law, they are not required to have the land-based infrastructure of a Watercourse. Therefore, it is important, for the sustainability of the project, to create Water Fields mainly in areas of tourist interest (e.g. luxury hotels, marinas, etc. .p) so that they operate in addition to the licensed waterways, thereby increasing the network of destinations that the seaplanes will serve with their flights”, concluded Mr. Govas in his statements.

Source: Capital

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