Archie’s new photo with mom Meghan (on the eve of the bombshell interview)

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When the going gets tough, the tough get to play. To the “bombshell” interview with Harry and Meghan there are only a few days left now (it airs on 7 March on CBS), and the “counterattack”. Queen Elizabeth first made it known that she will give a speech on the same day. It is, of course, a matter of celebrating Commonwealth, but we’re sure His Majesty will know how to get the message across. In addition, he wanted by his side Kate Middleton, the “faithful”.

And then it is difficult if it is a coincidence: the “scoop” of yesterday is Times which reports how – during the years at court between 2018 and 2019 – several royal assistants, especially young women, si feel “bullied” from the conduct of the Duchess of Sussex. “Exhausted, forced to burst into tears”, reports the authoritative British newspaper.

From California, Meghan immediately denied via a spokesperson. But Buckingham Palace has made it known that it will open an investigation to see clearly. The climate, in short, it is not one of the most relaxed. Also because the first previews of the interview, released by Oprah Winfrey, they promise fire and flames. In the first clip we saw Harry talking, and Meghan – expecting her second child – in silence. Harry has made it known that he has left the royal family and London to “not end up like mother Diana”. Heavy words.

And now in a second clip Meghan’s voice is heard. She tells Oprah that she wanted to release this interview earlier, at the time of the royal wedding, but that she wasn’t allowed, that she always had to ask permission, that she wasn’t free to do anything. “Now I’m ready to talk”, lets know. Meanwhile, a friend thinks about defending her. And even in this case, nothing is left to chance.

The producer friend – Silver Tree – wrote a long post via Instagram: «This is Meg. A real person, not a cover story. She is one of my closest and dearest friends. Like all her friends, I love her madly. She is the friend who insists on always listening to the details of your life, of your day, before hers. ” And again: «The day of his wedding he worries about you. It’s her day, the world is waiting, but she wants the day to be special for you. “You’ve come a long way” he writes “Do you have jet lag?” and again “I made you a playlist to listen to while you get ready”… He gives you peonies for your birthday. When my son received a frightening and complicated diagnosis, she was the friend who stopped everything and helped you understand how we were going to deal with it. This is another of his gifts: to make you feel like you can overcome anything ». A message from a true friend, accompanied by a series of private photos with Meghan. Recent, in which Meghan has a baby bump, and many years ago. And in the midst of these images, “Casually,” Archie peeps too.

We haven’t seen him for a long time. Baby Archie has not yet completed two years, and since she and Harry no longer use social media we hardly see him anymore. So in the meantime Archie has grown up. And, apparently, it also has Red hair, Papa Harry’s trademark. Unlike him, Archie will grow up in California, far from the royal family. Now this seems to be taken for granted.

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