Are Chris Evans and Selena Gomez Really Together?

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Stop! A new couple could be born and if this gossip turns out to be true it could take days to recover from this news. Apparently, Chris Evans and Selena Gomez would be dating.

Unfortunately we are still forced to use the conditional because there is no official confirmation and, to have unearthed this new (possible) love story, were some users on Twitter who have put together more clues. The first concerns Instagram: the two, within a few days, started following each other on social networks. In truth, it was the first move Chris Evans and this was immediately noticed because his account follows very few people.

At the beginning of the month, they were also photographed not just together, but in the same place. Before leaving a recording studio a The Angels, then as they left a restaurant in the Californian capital and, finally, another place New York.

A little suspicious isn’t it ?! It is true: they could be just friends and there is nothing more but it is good to remember what he said Selena in an interview released in 2015, during the Watch What Happens Live, in which he said that she had a crush on Chris Evans and that she found him extremely cute.

For the record, the last person to say such a thing was Tom Holland its zendaya and, now, for our joy, they are together. So, let’s not stop believing in the happy ending even in between Selena e Chris.

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